About us

The Founder

My nickname is Trys, my surname Liao and my given name Jason. I was born in Taiwan in 1949 and migrated to Belize in 1990. As a nature lover, I established the Orchid Garden Eco-Village in Belize and I consider myself a philosopher for life.

At the age of 30, I came to understand that the reason for existence is existence itself. Or the essence of existence is existence

At the age of 40, I found three “yes or no” principles in life; and at the age of 55, I found life’s “inescapable mission and the life’s obligations in connection with our wisdom” and started writing my philosophical book.

At the age of 66, I completed the book “Trys’ Philosophy” also named “Macro Existentialism

The book and Orchid Garden Eco-Village are dedicating to promote “There fundamental obligation of Wisdom” or “The Rules-Set of Humanity”, which are:

 Treatment of self: (in the individual world) : Lifelong Learning
 Treatment of others (in the cultural world): Mutual respect to differences as to similarities.
 Treatment of the environment (in the material world): Ecological and environmental sustainability