A Tropical Treasure Museum

1.        The Survivor of Mayan Milpa

2.         The Wood that changed the history of Belize

3.         The National Wood of Belize

4.         The hardest & tallest grass

5.         The mother of Cocoa

6.         The Palm that is not a palm

7.         The rumor said the flowers came from Outer Space

8.         The most popular carving wood of Belize

9.         The number one food in the kingdom of fruit


10.    The most commonly used roofing thatch

11.    Natural Pottery

12.    The National Flowers of Belize

13.    Nature’s Artistry in wood

14.    Nature’s Artistry in root

15.    Nature’s Artistry in stone

16.    Stone of Belize

17.    Birds found in the Eco-Village

18.    Belize History in Bottles