The Fundamental Obligations of Wisdom

The three fundamental forces of wisdom – intellectuality, rationality and sensitivity – came from the three co-existing symbioses that sustain human life. Intellectuality mirrored from the “material world”, rationality from the “cultural world” and sensibility from the “individual ego world.”

v Without the material world, we would not have objects to know. Intellectuality explores the tangible objective and the “precision” of existence; it covers cognitive domains of existence in the physical universe. The tangible world with qualities and quantities is a scientific field which can be measured and verified.  In this objective existence there are uniform truths or axioms.

v Without the cultural world, we would have nothing to think about or to infer. Rationality infers the field of culture and time infers the diversity and dilemma of intangible cultures These are in essence intangibles- existence without objective quality and quantity. They cannot be measured and verified, and therefore the inferences that reason gives rise to are always likely to reach multivariate, relative or contradictory conclusions or truths. This phenomenon is in the field of philosophical inquiry, giving rise to fundamentally opposing standpoints such as theism or atheism; idealism or materialism, leftist or rightist viewpoints. The process is always based on personal experience, approach of thinking and preferences, which each thinker draws on in order to reach her or his only partially verifiable conclusions.

v Without our sense of self, we would not have feelings. Sensibility feels existence in the realm of the ego– the symbiont of a tangible body and an intangible culture. It is an integrated combination following the code of each life. Sensibility experiences and feels the uniqueness and ridiculousness of existence.  Without symbiosis, all phenomena would be inanimate, with no ego or sensibility to speak of. 

Life is an artistic creation of existence. Each “ego” is equipped with an element of uniqueness which makes it different from everyone else’s sensibility. The three fundamental of wisdom bear the inescapable mission of life: which is to “exemplify and experience” existence: the exploration and cognition of existence through intellectuality, the reasoning and creativity of existence through rationality, and the presentation and experiencing of existence through feelings or sensibility. There are countless orientations of existence that can never be quantified completely by language or thought.

Life cannot escape facing its environment: facing other people and coming to terms with itself; for those feelings and experiences which the three symbioses world has presented life with through living.

To make life’s experience of existence easy and happy, our wisdom needs to teach us to bear these obligations respectfully.

v Treatment of self: (in one’s personal world): Intellectuality has need of lifelong learning in order to master new skills, develop the ability for entrepreneurship, and to sustain the welfare of one’s individual body/soul partnership.

v Treatment of others (in the cultural world): Sensibility dedicates mutual respect to differences as to similarities.  Leave love to those destined to fall in it, leave care to those who can afford to provide it; but deliver respect to everyone.

v Treatment of the environment (in the material world): Reason points up the need for ecological and environmental sustainability – the pursuit of balance between development and conservation, or between the spiritual and material sides of life.

Those obligations are the three “Must Dos”, the “Yes or No” principles of life.  If we do not learn to take care of our physical and mental well-being, our physical and mental states will be imbalanced and unhealthy, and we will get sick or even cease to exist altogether. If we do not respect each other, our society cannot be harmonious, causing more strife and war. If we do not pay attention to environmental conservation and sustainability, environmental disaster will cause much more suffering in our lives.

All other values of life or philosophies of living (Choice) are options for different individuals or groups to consider. The mission of “existence” and the obligations of “symbiosis” together form a “philosophy of Life (Destiny)”. The mission is inescapable and the obligations must be carried out; otherwise we will be in trouble.