The National Wood of Belize


Belize’s National Tree


  • The tables and chairs in this restaurant are made of mahogany, the national tree of Belize.
  • Those logs are reclaimed from our rainforest. People felling mahogany in the past left the base of the trunk where the roots affected the shape, perhaps as much as three feet above the ground. We were able to take two thick slices before it decayed in the forest. Our workers then polished them and made them into tables.
  • Mahogany is one of the tallest trees in the tropical rain forest. If you are ever at or above the top of the canopy, you will see that some trees extend above it by as much as thirty feet. Most of those will be mahogany.
  • Mahogany is a hardwood. Mature mahogany is too hard to be food for termites or woodworms. The color is a very beautiful red, yet compared to other hard woods, mahogany is much lighter in weight: so it is one of the most popular materials for cabinet making and furniture,
  • Before the independence of Belize, The harvesting of Mahogany was almost the only industry in Belize. That is why it is been named as the national tree of Belize.
  • The mahogany tree forms part of Belize’s Coat of Arms. The motto “Sub Umbra Floreo” means: ‘Under the shade (of the mahogany tree), I flourish’.